Connect with the Universe


Whilst we were away the weather was very on and off. Unfortunately the first day was very wet, the second and third morning were wet, however on the third evening we had a beautiful sunset and amazing beach fire using the majority of drift wood on our section of beach. Whilst having the fire and watching the sun set it gave us a chance to connect with the universe, this made me feel very peaceful and very happy thinking of all the problems I could let go with the sun as it continued it’s journey around the planet.

Why don’t we do this more? Take time out of our busy days to sit meditate and let go of any problems in life we have. The more stress and problems we let go of the better we will all feel.

Peace and love. G & J.


Trying to keep up!

Trying to keep up!

Day to day life always seems to get in the way!

We started this blog at the start of the summer holidays with pleanty of free time to update and do interesting things to tell you all about! Now reality has hit unfortunately we are at work and doing more study! We get a bit lost in life and forget to blog 😦

Does anyone who is a fellow blogger have any tips for keeping a blog interesting and up to date while still leading a rather busy life?

We would really appreciate it 🙂

Peace and love. Grant and Joanna ❤


New day, New start.

Hey there,

Well a lot has happened over the past week! To start with I got my first car on Monday and learnt to service it myself with my dad. I have managed to drive a few miles getting used to it and getting used to night driving! Tonight me and Joanna went on a date night, even though we are still going out we still think it is very important to go out together and have a lovely meal you don’t have to worry about cooking or washing up :P…

So the plan is maybe once a month at least, we will go out on date night and take some photos together!

Sometimes it’s important to just go out and have a night together to connect and be happy. Tonight I felt very happy driving Jo to the pub for a lovely well cooked chicken dinner.

We shall be sure to update soon!

Peace and love ❤



Here’s to new beginnings!

So the lovely Grant has been in charge of the posts on this blog as I have been very busy as of late sorting out my life. I have been through a huge learning curve. Life plans can and will change. This time last year I had been abroad seen the world (well a nugget of it) and was ready to prepare to go to uni, all of that has changed, by some twist of fate and my inability to use English to the highest standard I am now incapable of being a teacher…. so I moped ate crap and felt sorry for myself, my man did his best to pull me out of the mess I was in but it was a struggle. This struggle has taught me everything happens for a reason, now I am working for a global company as their first ever apprentice doing something that I never dreamt I’d do, but now it’s all excitement. this year will be amazing and you all get to see what big plans and changes me and Grant have coming up in or fitness and life journey.

Peace out chickpeas x

Living in the present

For a lot of people this is a great challenge, however my thoughts are why try to live in the future or let the past drag you down?

The current and present moment should be the only time that truly matters. Yes, having a future plan is ideal and remembering great memories or the best of people who have died is important, but being happy right now is what makes the world of difference!

Good morning world, have a beautiful day!

Peace and love. G&J x


It’s been a while

It’s been a very long time since we last posted, but we have missed it and wish to get back into blogging! We just love sharing our life with you, things we find that might make your life easier, happier or healthier!

Whilst on this long break of blogging we managed to find a wonderful shop which should be able to be found in any UK city or town and its called Holland and Barratt! They sell loads of super healthy and nutritional goods for all needs! I have been rather ill recently so I want to go in there in the future rather than taking pharmaceutical drugs that don’t actually help me much at all!

What are your thoughts and experiences with them? Feel free to get in touch with us by E-mailing us at hippyfitness.gjy@gmail.com.